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Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black Cherry Switch)

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Cougar 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (Black Cherry Switch)

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    Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Design awarded Cherry mechanical key switches with extra G-key, fully backlit, and an exposed brushed aluminium structure for increased durability. Comprehensively designed to meet MOBA and MMO gaming needs. N-Key Rollover in USB mode: the end of inaccurate input!


    COUGAR 700K Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    COUGAR 700K is a premium mechanical gaming keyboard aimed at serious and professional gamers. Inspired by military “stealth technology”, the design is created from elements of geometric facet; Mechanical key modules are mounted on an exposed and bent aluminium structure with premium brushed surface treatments; this structure provides the user with more efficient typing, not to mention a sturdy and strong structural foundation. The ends are then wrapped in a plastic frame to create a Protected feel. Intuitive key and button groupings are neatly integrated into the plastic frame. Thereby drawing and driving attention towards key areas and allowing the gamers to concentrate and focus on their competitive matches. An extra FPS palm rest with a magnetic attachment system provides great WASD control.

    aluminium Frame Structure

    Both for achieving a better aesthetic design and for improving the product’s durability, the mechanical key modules are mounted over an exposed bent aluminium structure. Apart from being part of an award-winning design (COMPUTEX d&i awards 2014, iF product design award 2014), this structure makes the keyboard sturdy and durable and gives you what every keyboard should give you: the true feeling of being in command.

    The First and Best Mechanical Switches

    Six G-Keys

    6 Programmable G keys (5 on the left side of the keyboard and a sixth one to the right of the space bar) allow for quick access to a variety of functions. Fully configurable, all of them make your life easier by enabling you to access the functions you want without interfering with the standard keys of the keyboard. Five keys on the left side of the keyboard, near the WASD keys for quick access without moving your hand, and a key just to the right of the space bar for thumb use. More keys, no extra hand movements.

    Individual Key Backlight Setting

    You can individually configure the backlight of all the keys, making sure the key backlight works exactly the way you need to. As for the brightness of the backlight, there are five levels for you to choose from. This function is very often used for the WASD keys, as well as for any relevant shortcuts you might want to keep always on sight.

    On-the-fly Mode Switch

    Three dedicated keys allow you to switch configuration Profiles instantly with a single movement, without getting out of the game. Thanks to 700K’s on-board memory and three internally stored configuration Profiles, you will be able to bring a massive amount of functions with you anywhere you go.

    Repeat Rate 1X/2X/4X/8X Adjustment

    The COUGAR 700K allows for quick adjustment of the repeat rate of the keyboard,
    which is especially useful for games which require repeatedly pressing a specific key.

    FPS Palm Rest

    Gain comfort and improve your performance. Specially designed for FPS (but useful as well for other game genres) this detachable rubber palm support provides a strong grip and just the right height to effortlessly keep your hand in place when you game, in the right position to access both the WASD keys and the 6 G-Keys with your shortcuts.

    COUGAR UIX™ System

    Set the functionality of all the keys, assign pictures to Profiles for graphical recognition, store macros and share them, all with a very convenient and intuitive interface. The 700K´s internal memory will then allow you to bring up to three full configuration profiles anywhere you go.


    Cherry MX Mechanical Keys
    Mechanical keys deliver gaming-grade responsiveness and distinctive tactile feedback. With durable Cherry MX key switches that last up to 50 million keystrokes.
    Repeat Rate 1X/2X/4X/8X
    Commands can be issued faster.
    N-key Rollover
    NRKO Technology: Simultaneous and Accurate Multi-Key Commands
    Aluminium Brushed Structure
    The exposed switch design stands proudly above the bent brushed aluminium structure that crowns the keyboard. An elegant and durable solution.
    6 Programmable G-Keys
    6 ergonomically positioned G-Keys will allow you to easily access additional functions such as macros, shortcuts, etc. One of those keys, located on the right half of the space bar, is especially suitable for thumb access during FPS and other first person games.
    32-bit ARM processor/On-board Memory
    The 32-bit ARM processor offers superior computing speed and ensures smooth processing of your orders, while the on-board memory allows you to store up to three full configuration profiles and bring them to another PC.
    Individual Key Backlight Setting
    Fully configurable individual key backlight. Additionally, the dedicated backlight key will allow you to instantly switch between five levels of brightness.
    FPS Palm Rest
    The detachable palm rest provides great ergonomic support for your wrists. Additionally, a special rubber palm rest designed for long FPS gaming sessions will provide extra support for your left wrist.
    USB Pass-Through/Audio Jacks
    A conveniently located USB pass-through allows you to quickly connect your mouse or other USB devices. The keyboard also includes a useful headset and microphone pass-through.
    1000 Hz Polling Rate
    700K’s response will be as fast as you can be. Its 1000 Hz polling rate allows it to provide a 1ms response time: virtually instant response.
    On-The-Fly Macro Recording Key
    Your keyboard is already configured, you are playing and suddenly realize that there is another macro that would come in handy for the game you’re currently playing. Getting out of the game to record it? Not with COUGAR 700K. With the dedicated MR key for macro recording, you can record new macros anytime on the fly.
    Multi-Media Keys
    Convenient dedicated media keys will allow you to easily control your computer’s multimedia playback.
    Windows Key Lock
    No more kicking yourself out of games: A dedicated key allows you to lock the Windows key and play comfortably.
    Braided Cable & Golden-Plated Connectors
    Sturdy and durable solutions for gaming

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