About Us

In last 90’s the Pakistan IT market took a U Turn and within few years a remarkable change occurred in the IT industry. New era of information technology took place and many companies targeted Pakistani market for their products. Companies from all over the world initiated their new business setups and all manual applications switched into IT. Government supported all new comers and the policy particularly for IT made the vendor easy to set their offices all over the Pakistan. Different field of interest developed time to time in which Software development, Networking, Telecommunication, ISPs and call centers are some prominent fields.

Just viewing the market demand of networking equipment’s AU Technologies started its networking business activities from mid of late 90’s and we feel proud to serve the nation with the most famous international brands i.e. 3M, Clipsal, schneider, Vivnaco, TP-Link, Tenda, Cisco, DLINK, Ubiquiti Network etc.
AU Technologies started its laptop business in 2009 serving the nation with most famous brands which includes Apple, DELL, HP, ACER, LENOVO and more.
We Deals in Graphic Cards, Gaming Products and Accessories,
We are Authorized Distributor of Sapphire AMD Redeon in Pakistan. We have Sapphire & MSI Graphic Cards in Stock.
We are Master Reseller of Redragon Gaming Products in Pakistan.

Company structure
As a company we know benefits of IT in business and we make possible to adapt those technologies, which make our customers closer to us. For that reason a very detailed website has been registered as 
www.autechnologies.com which is proven our attention towards the customers. Product details, user registration for updates & prices, Special Deals and many more are available on the site.

AU Technologies is a complete online store too, we have a complete website 
www.autechnologies.com with all prices and products updated 24/7.